Videotel unveils Elevate, an interactive digital signage solution to an overwhelmingly positive response

Elevate solution, engages with audience by enticing them to lift or elevate an item or product from a weight/scale sensor with an illuminated platform that triggers and displays relevant video content to create an interactive playground.

Elevate solution revolve around technologies that a VP71XD digital signage player becomes an interactive player in five new ways – Elevate, Push, Wave, Move and Sense.

Elevate – using illuminated lift-off platforms and weight/scale sensors, users ‘elevate’ a product to launch relevant content

Push – users will now be able to trigger content with a simple push of a button

Wave – creates an interactive display with the slight hand motion near a proximity sensor

Move – using a motion sensor that detects human movement, you can customize the trigger content

Sense –  it creates an active beam so that you may play content to lure someone to a display, increase dwell time and display an exit message as well.

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