Digital in-stadium advertising is growing healthily!

Digital in-stadium advertising is growing at an healthy pace, though it doesn’t find mention in terms of advertising revenue in statistics listed OOH advertisting. Stadiums record only about 1% of the total OOH revenues and hence there isn’t considerable mention about them. However, they are changing drastically and it is attracting premium rates of late.

Digital OOH in itself is growing rapidly compared to television and print media advertising. Animated signs continue to open up new revenue possibilities although advertising agencies are still trying to figure how to use them effectively.

In India, if you look at it, already advertisers have the option of buying for their brands for key events such as the last few runs before a batsman reaches a century. Revenue for key moments are considered to be four times higher than the rest of the game. However, the onus is on the owners of the LED screens to let the market know that it is available.

In many stadiums around the world, the LED panels are owned/contracted by an agency and they in turn distribute the time slots to brands and advertisers for a substantial fee. They however take care that the adverts are not of competing products of the sponsors conducting the sporting event.

This is an example of the LED signage installed at MCG and Etihad stadiums in Melbourne, Australia

In order to hold the spectator’s attention, it is very essential for the signage team to be creative in usage of this space for advertising and promotions.

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