Kinetic Worldwide in partnership with Bitposter launched OOH media trading platform

Kinetic worldwide, a global leader in understanding how brands connect with people’s lifestyles and the environments they engage with when away from home, has partnered with Bitposter to offer OOH media trading platform. This platform will be  an integrated one catering to major OOH media owners in the UK like JCDecaux, Clear Channel UK, Primesight, Exterion Media, Outdoor Plus, Ocean Outdoor and Signature.

Kinetic using Bitposter trading platform, will integrate its planning system with the inventory of media owners to create a private markeplace. This will benefit customers in buying OOH efficient and this streamlined service will allow for improved data integration.

This will allow DOOH to reach its true potential and will replace the outmoded way of buying and selling OOH space. This is the first step to digitise OOH trading and will allow us to enhance data led planning capabilities of Kinetic, and will help in the digital transformation of the sector.

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