Barix upgrades audio signage to support multiple audio tracks for Digital Signage

Audio over IP pioneer, Barix has updated its Audio Signage platform with free firmware to deliver multiple audio tracks for single-screen and multiple-screen digital signage installations.

Barix audio signage platform helps deliver audio associated with digital signage to mobile phones over a local Wi-Fi connection. The firmware update will run on a standard Barix Exstreamer store & play unit. The firmware is available for download at

Previously, it was very simple and low-cost to support single-channel streams using the Barix Instreamer and a audio signage mobile app. Second-generation Barix approach now solves the challenge of delivering multichannel streams as simply, quickly, and inexpensively as possible. Any facility can now provide multi-channel support for around $300 per installation, and will no longer have to be dependent on an expensive PC-based solution – enhancing robustness and reliability.

Barix audio-signage is purpose-built to deliver audio streaming to mobile phones with low latency ensuring audio sync with digital signage content.

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