Customers find conventional OOH ads boring!

StickerRide, the uber of on-car advertisement recently conducted a survey focused on outdoor advertising. The results announced suggested that the consumers are bored of billboard advertising, but were excited by new formats.

Survey included responses from 400 consumers above 18 years with an equal split in gender.

  • 52% stated that they see outdoor advertising all the time, and another 25% said that they see it quite often
  • 51% of the consumers used the word ‘conventional’ to describe billboard advertising
  • 10% went to the extent of calling billboard advertising as boring
  • While describing on-vehicle advertising, 38% went with ‘unusual’, 36% mentioned ‘catchy’, and 13% said ‘appealing’

The survey results show that outdoor advertising has the potential to induce consumers to take actions, but only if it is done in unique, cutting-edge ways.

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