Advertisement by Facial recognition with Privacy is set to change customer engagement

GMC Acadia recently, ran a campaign for 8 weeks in Santa Monica Place shopping mall featuring technology that anonymously detected gender, age, composition and facial expression of the passing audience to display content to engage target audience.

Posterscope USA along with Quividi, EYE Corp Media and Engage M1 designed and executed the campaign for GMC Acadia.This technology was implemented through 8 screens placed at various locations inside the mall allowing GMC Acadia to deliver location based targeted content.

Quividi’s audience and context aware platform is capable of detecting and determining in profiling a  passerby based on gender (man or woman), alone or with a group, if in a group whether its a family with kids or a couple. This system can detect the mood of an person and display content accordingly.

Once the detection is made the screen was published with interactive games for children and adults and other humorous creative content.

This is the first time that a company has used an responsive facial recognition technology to display personalised content in an digital -out -of -home  campaign.

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