Brightsign announces major overhaul of their digital media players

BrightSign has redesigned all its media players to offer great features for its customers. Some of the features added include:

  • Technology updates like M.2 for WiFi antennae
  • BrightAuthor software and BrightSign network have been updated to support enterprise-level performance
  • Availability of Mosaic Mode on their HD, XD and XT players that allow a multitude of low-resolution videos to be played in multiple video zones that adds up to the total resolution decoding power of the player’s video decoder
  • HDR 10 is supported on all players delivering a much higher contrast ratio and much wider color palette
  • B-Deploy allows customers to set up and deploy from hundreds or thousands of players at once
  • All players integrate H.265 and HTML5

BrightSign product lines


BrightSign LS – Fully featured, commercial-grade player that is ideal for price-sensitive digital signage installations. H.265 full video decoding, HTML5 engine, USB 2.0 type C and networking. Priced at $250


BrightSign HD – Both HD223 and HD1023 offer hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine and 1080p60 decode. Support of Gigabit Ethernet, as well as robust interactive controls and dynamic live content features. Priced at $350 and $450


BrightSign XD – Both XD223 and XD1033 are capabile of deconding either two 1080p60 videos or single 4K and a single 1080p60 video simultaneously. Both have Gigabit Ethernet and offer hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine. Priced at $450 and $550


BrightSign XT – Both XT223 and XT1143 offer performance with the fastest HTML and graphics engine and the most powerful CPU. Supports dual video decode of one 4K and one 1080p60 video simultaneously. The hardware-accelearated HTML5 engine enables playback of multiple modular HTML5 assets, CSS animations, Web GL and Swipe/Gesture interactivity. Supports PoE+ and Gigabit Ethernet, and the XT1143 offers HDMI-in for live TV playback. Priced at $550 and $650

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