Digital Shark Experience at the Dubai Aquarium and Zoo

Brightsign and Dubai based system integrator DigiComm combined together to generate the illusion of onscreen sharks swimming with real fish in a Dubai Aquarium.


DigiComm achieved this by using 91 screens driven by 42 BrightSign players. DigiComm took the shark cage and tunnel concept from a pencil drawing and made it a physical reality. BrightSign players helped them do video overlays and it is known for its stability.

Interactive digital shark cage – 28 55-inch LG screens driven by 7 BrightSign 4K players with tiled outputs featuring great white sharks circling a cage of drivers. There are 3 86-inch LG stretch 4K displays on entry and exit. The visitors become the divers and they experience the excitement of diving with real sharks.


Realistic effects – The cage consists of 48 55-inch LG screens driven by tiled BrighSign 4K players. The presentation is spectacular – one of the sharks leaps towards the cage and it appears to crack the screen. This sequence is accompanied by blood and a very realistic sound effect.

Shark biology – visitors in the cage can use buttons to select additional videos that explain the biology of the sharks. This is made available by the luma key masking feature of the BrightSign players. Touch kiosks use three BrightSign XD1132 players and BrightSign LS422 players with a motion sensor, drive five LG 22-inch displays in portrait orientation for the shark facts

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