Brick-and-Mortar retail stores aren’t close to dying!

Digital signages are reviving the brick and mortar retail outlets all around the world. In addition, millenials are finding it more and more attractive to shop from brick and mortar outlets. However, it is essential for brands to look at innovative and creative ways to grab the attention of the customers.

In-store promotions are done very well even with traditional routes by the brick-and-mortar outlets. These outlets however have not adopted street-facing digital signages that would attrack customers into the stores.

In the coming months and years, more and more storefronts will transform towards digital technology and compete in the digital world. Some of the products that can help improve the street facing digital experience are:

  • Nexnova, introduced transparent LED wall screens that can be hung in front of store fronts easily to catch the attention of customers. They implement this for retail stores, financial institutions, restaurants, auto dealerships, sports and recreation, night clubs, and other public and private spaces.
  • Thinksign has introduced indoor and outdoor signages that can function 24×7 at retail outlets. There aren’t any size limitations and are serviced easily with their software management module

There are multiple companies that provide signage displays and retailers can pick and choose what fits into their needs and budgets. Some of the prominent ones include Nanolumens, Planar, LG, Samsung, and panasonic among others.  These products would allow brick-and-mortal outlets to blend with clicks and turn into click-an-mortar outlets.

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