1000s of travelers access information through interactive signage kiosks at 400/401-series highways – Ontario Tourism

All the self-service kiosks on Ontario’s ONroute service centers have been replaced by 3-sided interactive signage kiosks that allows people to access travel information easily. They provide extensive information, links to tourism websites and services, connect travelers with tourism operators, and offer important road safety information.

These are a result of the collaboration between Ontario Toursim Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). These interactive signage kiosks contain 65-inch digital screens that connect users directly with multiple service providers, join conversations in social media channels and lets them access a whole lot of information from various sites including Ontariotravel

Additionally, it offers information on real-time weather and traffic, trip-planning tool that helps travelers plan and save time on their trips. This has attracted about 190,000 visitors since its launch in August 2016.

Cineplex Digital Media has helped OTMPC in developing this innovative digital solution that allows consumers to communicate through technology.

Image Courtesy – UrbanExpats

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