World’s largest digital art feature is powered by SiliconCore curved LED wall

SiliconCore common cathode LED technology is installed in the lobby of OUE towers at Los Angeles. This is 38.5m x 5.2 m curved LED videowall at half the length of the American Football field is the West’s largest art feature. This lobby was designed by David Niles of Niles Creative Group (NCG)


The LED wall has a pixel resolution of 8500 x 1440, which adds up to more than 12.2 million pixels. This allows display of realistic images that it appears to be three-dimensional creating the highest resolution digital art LED display.

NCG’s content delivery system uses artificial intelligence to change the flow of music and visuals to mimic the movement of pedestrian traffic within the lobby. The video content was captured in 4K, 6K and 8K resolutions and includes extensive scenes that captured the essence of LA’s culture and history.

SiliconCore’s technology brought this content live in a compelling way. The power consumption and the subsequent heat generation were pretty low, which was one of the mission critical requirement. SiliconCore’s technology allowed us to use the display at full 2000 nit brightness and still have perfect flowing imagery. It features a high speed LED driver pixel clock, ensuring outstanding performance in maintaining 2000Hz refresh rates, which was needed for displaying such demanding content.

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