Why Drive Yourself Crazy? – new Virgin Trains Data-driven DOOH campaign

Virgin Trains has launched a Data-Driven DOOH campaign aimed at car drivers between 30th January and 12th February to remind them that there is a stress-free, fast and viable alternative.

DOOH campaign automates messages based on local traffic data and vehicle recognition technology to add relevance and context to messages. This is produced in partnership with Grand Visual, Manning Gottlieb OMD, Krow, Talon, Ocean Outdoor, City Outdoor and 8 Outdoor – the dynamic campaign aligns with driver’s mindset by suggesting commuters should ‘avoid all this bleeping traffic’, followed by call-to-action like ‘Leeds to London in 2HRS 14MINS’.

The ads are hyper personalized reaching out to individual road users with attention grabbing messages like ‘Hey Silver Ford Driver, stop seeing red. Don’t get cross on the roads. Newcastle to London 3 hours 7 mins’.

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