What DOOH industry needs to do better – panelists give out their views in Clear Channel DOOH event

The panelists spoke about driving more creativity through providing contextual relevance to the consumer. The overarching theme was that personalisation should not be confused with contextual relevance. The key things that the panelists covered include:

Andy Tilly, CSO Talon 

This emphasis on personalisation does bother me a bit. I’m not saying that we should not be using precision to target customers but stumbling across new stuff which is interesting is really important in terms of how people learn about brands.

When I use Spotify, I find brands that I’ve never heard of before and that’s really important.

Hannah Mathews, Managing Partner, Karamarama

Agencies should be thinking about the human element when it comes to personalising experiences. Even with hyper-targeted contextualisation and personalised communication, you still want that empathy and engagement.

Louise Stubbings, Creative Director, Clear Channel UK

DOOH is an emotional buy. If you hyper localise the advertising to people in a small location and then creatively scale it out – it can be really impactful

A big challenge in the industry is creating authentic relationships with consumers and not spamming them with irrelevant content. Most advertisers get caught up on the personalisation bandwagon when it should more accurately be described as spamming.

Neil Morris, CEO, Grand Visual

Is it personalisation? No, it’s not because it’s not targeting one person. Are we trying to be contextual and deliver deeper communication? Yes. It’s not a rush to implement personalisation – there’s still work to be done in terms of understanding how DOOH works in a digital integrated campaign.

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