Wallin ONE eliminates the need to create content in digital signage deployments

The biggest challenge that most Small and Medium Enterprises that deploy digital signage face would be the creation and enriching of content that gets displayed on the signage screens. This is considered to be the most important reason for digital signage deployment failures as well. Wallin ONE completely removes this threat by offering a platform that has an in-built app markets that can tap social media, news and so on for dynamic content.

With Wallin ONE, users can implement social remarketing campaigns, strengthening online campaigns – social capability complements and enhances Wallin ONE’s ability to leverage native and third party aps, video, images and so on.

Wallin ONE also supports proximity marketing sensors such as Infrared, Ultrasonic, Physical Switches or NFC, allowing the user to trigger an action on screen or on a mobile device when the presence of the consumer is detected.

Wallin ONE is cloud-based and it uses HTML5, making it very affordable with prices starting at only 20 Euros per month. This can be managed from any Internet enabled device via Wallin’s simple, intuitive web dashboard.

With Wallin ONE, digital signage implementations will become too easy to buy, too easy to use, too easy to manage, and too easy to get right.

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