Toyota deploys Chrome based digital signage in 3000 showrooms in Europe

Toyota Motor Europe implemented digital signage across 3000 showrooms using ASUS Chromeboxes connected to 42-inch flatscreen TVs. All the content is managed by the headquarters allowing showroom people to manage the customers.

The displays have videos of Toyota vehicles, customized according to the showroom area where the signs are located.  Salespeople use the screens to show customers in-depth information about Toyota vehicles. The sales guys can easily answer customer queries about the care ensuring a smoother sales process.

The signs also feature a car configurator, which allow customers to explore and personalize their vehicles. Across Europe 100000 customers a month use the signage.

Google cloud partner Fourcast worked with Toyota on the deployment with a packaged, end-to-end solution, and ensured the systems were delivered on a tight five-day timeframe.

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