TfL looks at dynamic advertising to generate £3.4 billion in non-fare revenue

TfL has tied up with Outdoor Plus as its ad partner towards installation of digital screens in London underpasses.

TfL has one of the largest advertising estates in the world – it makes up 20 per cent of all out-of-home advertising in the UK and 40 percent of the London market.

Outdoor Plus will introduce new screens at six road underpasses at a cost of £13 million. This will be implemented along the main arterial routes including the A3 Kingston, the A40 in Ealing and the northern ring road at Wembley Way. These six sites are expected to generate an estimated half a million road users a day.

TfL will leverage the data collected from turnstiles, contactless cards, and third parties to enable advertisers and agencies to target one audience across all stations on the underground and rail networks for the first time.

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