Sprinklr launches the complete social media platform for digital screens across verticals

Sprinklr has launched Sprinklr Display, an all-in-one digital visualization solution that can automatically transform data from 24 social channels into a branded and cohesive digital messaging for your screens. Sprinklr display helps you sail over the biggest issue with digital signage screens – keeping the content fresh and updated without having to spend a lot of money in creating the content.

Sprinklr helps in driving customer engagement and insights across an enterprise. All of this is driven in a templatized form that can be easily created using your mobile phones. This can be populated across your digital screens in various locations with real-time streaming social data without any integration difficulties.

It helps pull information from across social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and 20 other channels and convert them into instore engagement in retail stores, deeper engagement in command centers, events and digital out-of-home formats.

Sprinklr Display is currently exhibiting at SouthWest Conference and Festivals held at Austin between March 10-19, 2017.

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