Smart LCD shelving strips – out to revolutionize retail!

In most retail stores, the digital screens are way up high, but people shop at eye level. This pattern in shoppers is what is being addressed by Shelfpoint, a smart retail signage system.

Shelfpoint takes advantage of existing shopper’s behavior, namely the fact that customers read the labels on the shelves with the price of the item they are interested in purchasing. With Shelfpoint, the retailer doesn’t have to do anything beyond its current capabilities, but just slide the LCD strips into the bracket. The entire thing can be up and running within an hour.

Data can be updated through broadband usage. Customers would see the signage and walk towards it. The shelf would be programmed to change the contents to further entice the customer. Once the customer reaches within five feet of the sign, an optical sensor scans the customer’s face to gauge the reaction to the product or the sale that’s being offered.


‘Optical scan read of consumer face’

This scan is done anonymously and would only check for consumer reaction, age and ethnicity, but wouldn’t store identifying information.


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