Signagelive adds widgets to interact with YouTube, Google and Microsoft

Signagelive has added widgets to its technology offerings that will let its users interact with YouTube, Google and Microsoft.

The YouTube widget, available in the Signagelive marketplace, will enable videos, playlists and YouTube live streams to be scheduled and published to Signagelive support System-on-a-chip (SoC) displays and players. Once connected to the Signagelive network, the YouTube widget can be added to a playlist and configured to playback the video, playlist or live stream required.

The widget can be displayed permanently on screen or within a playlist containing other media, and the videos and other YouTube content can be scheduled and displayed in either full-screen mode or in the multi-zone layout.

Signagelive’s YouTube video widget:

  • Supports individual videos, YouTube playlists and live streams
  • Optimal playback performance on a range of SoC display and exernal players supported by SignageLive

Signagelive has also developed widgets for Google and Microsft calendar, engineered for the corporate facility markeplace for use in meeting rooms

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