Samsung’s biggest TV to replace cinema screens

Samsung has installated the world’s first High Dynamic Range (HDR) screen at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Korea. Samsung designed the HDR screen that is 34-foot (406 inches) with peak brightness of 146 fL, which is 10 times better than that of standard cinema projectors.

The TV, assisting modern movie theatre dimensions, contains a 4K picture quality resolution. It comes with sharper and more realistic colors, complemenatary audio with elevated presentation and makes the viewers feel as if they are part of the presentation.

The screens do not have any kind of optical distortion and interference, resulting in improved precision and advanced color presentation. Having a complementary ultra-contrast and low tone grayscale setting, the screen presents bright colors and deepest black at almost infinite contrast ratio.

samsung - cinema screen.jpg

The screen also sustains its advanced presentation capabilities in ambient lighting irrespective of the content that is getting displayed. This launch is in line with Samsung’s vision of a complete end-to-end theater experience powered by digital signage.


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