‘Right this way’ wayfinding app improves patient experience at Mercy Health

Mercy Health, Cincinnati has launched a wayfinding app for Apple and Android devices by name, ‘Right this way’. This is expected to improve the experience of patients and visitors to find everything from the physician to the parking slot.

This app will provide indoor, outdoor and campus-wide navigation for visitors and guide them to specific provider practices throughout their facility. This is first of its implementation in the entire greater Cincinnati.

This app offers detai-rich indoor maps, turn-by-turn indoor navigation, parking help and more. This provides indoor positioning of visitors within one or two meters. The navigation platform assists users with visual landmarks and off-route notifications. Another featurs in the navigation includes ‘The car saver’ function, which saves the visitor’s parking locations and provides detailed directions back to their spot.

Users can access the app interface either from the indoor digital kiosks, their desktop computer or a mobile device. They can also input vital information, such as vistor details, before entering the hospital.

The indoor GPS system runs on Medinav, a low-energy Bluetooth platform developed by Connexient.

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