Revolution Slider wordpress plugin can replace conventional signage CMS

Revolution Slider wordpress plugin can help you slide visuals and text onto, top parts of the website allowing a series of messages to get cycled through in rotation, based on timing. This is precisely how scheduling happens in most digital signage networks.

WordPress has also started to drive digital signage now. A London startup by name SmartcontentTV has started marketing a platform developed by ThemePunch, the Cologne, Germany development shop that built, supports and updates Revolution Slider. More than 175K licenses have been sold just off one market place.

They offer a 14-day free trial and then the commercial accounts cost $10/month. There is a fair number of features when it comes to settings, animations, timelines, layered videos and so on with Revolution Slider.


This allows content developers who are not working outside the digital signage bubble develop a signage application for a client and drop in the URL on something like a smart display or HTML5 player without having to worry about conventional signage CMS.


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