QR code tickets to help sell unreserved tickets to smart phone users

Indian Railways may soon start to use QR code tickets to sell unreserved tickets. This will reduce the long queues at Indian Railway stations, while providing the flexibility for passengers to easily pick up the QR code tickets and travel.


The process will be very simple. The QR code will recognize the current location and all that the passenger has to provide is the destination and ticket type to purchase the ticket. Then, they can pay through a mobile wallet in the railway app.  A digital version of the ticket will be sent to the mobile device and can be used like a traditional ticket.

Ticket chequers can check the tickets with the appropriate readers. Current, Indian railways is in talks with mobile wallet service providers like one97, PayTm and Jio money and soon it would be decided to go with one of the providers.

This would help both the passengers and the railways in making the process smooth and easy.

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