Porsche museum in Stuttgart modernizes with video touchwall and interactive audio

Porsche museum has included a 16sqm video touchwall and audio installation to showcase more than 80 vehicles and countless small exhibits. The idea is to provide a comprehensive view of the past and present.

porsche museum.jpg

The touchwall is a 12m-wide video screen with a resolution of 41 megapixels. The wall lets visitors swipe through 3000 photos, illustrations, posters, and advertising campaigns that dates back to 1931. The video touchpanel is integrated with Porsche archives, which means new content is automatically imported and displayed each day.

The touchwall uses a tracking system – when the visitors walk past the touchwall, the sensors pick up their image and visual curtain comes up giving access to the world of Porsche images. To navigate through the images, visitors use a touch frame, which offers options for swiping through content by making multi-touch hand movements.

The setup encompasses 20 full HD LCDs, each measuring 55in, controlled by five graphic PCs using 3-D real time software.

The highlight of this installation is the interactive sound, which is called Porsche in the Mix. Visitors can pick from seven possible car models on a touchscreen, with the selected car shown on a 9 Sqm LED display, which then plays the distinctive sound of its engine. Visitors can select up to eight sounds from a car, ranging from indicators clicking to doors closing.  All sound bites are based on original Porsche vehicle noises.

This media concept was developed by the customer experience agency Liganova from Stuttgart.


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