Pink city, Jaipur debuts with Delta video walls to monitor and manage smart city infrastructure

Delta, a pioneer in display solutions installed a 35-feet video wall as a part of Jaipur’s smart city Network Operations Center (NOC). This comes integrated with the software to perform multi-site monitoring from the control center. It allows the operator to suvey infringements like zone intrusions, lifting of objects at monuments, and line crossings, by sending alarms and pop-ups on a regular basis.

The Jaipur NOC is an initiative of the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA), which will allows its officials to keep a check on all the activities in the city in one large screen. The NOC integrates all recently developed digital infrastructure such as intelligent kiosks, wireless broadband, sensor based dust bins, smart streetlights, and parking among others.

JDA wants to ensure 24/7 surveillance and facilitate online access to wide ranging information about the city at the click of a button. With this implementation, Jaipur has become the first city in India and in South Asia to monitor and operate smart city infrastructure using a single network.

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