Panasonic Linkray helps retailers deliver custom data to mobile consumers

Panasonic corporation announced that its Linkray technology (formerly LightID) is now being integrated into Content Management Systems, Kiosks and Light Box instatllations to provide a unique analytic engagement solution, and a new way to grow revenues.

Permanent installations in Japan and pilots in US show how the visible light communication technology enables retailers, cultural institutions, sports stadiums and transportation hubs to easily connect consumers to more in-depth information linked to digital signage, by using encoded light signals emitted from the screens.

LinkRay allows targeted content to be activated by a consumer launching an app, and pointing their mobile phone camera at LCD digital signage–even from a distance. With high-speed transmission rate, information will decode and move to a user phone almost instantaneously.

  • Linkray’s low interference allow marketers to send different messages without having to worry about proximity and interference that they would otherwise face
  • Linkray can also be used for non-digital applications, like printed posters illuminated by light boxes

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