Navori Labs integrates its digital signage software with System-on-Chip displays

Navori Labs has optimized its QL 2.0 Player for Windows, Android and Tizen, thereby addressing the System-on-Chip Smart Displays. QL player addresses all the operational and integration challenges of SoC displays that comes bundled with software with limited features.

While the SoC displays have streamlined cabling and equipment costs with reduced risk of theft and vandalism, they generally provide a rudimentary feature set, and integration with 3rd party hardware has proven a challenge for many installers.

QL player 2.0 removes the system integration challenges and frees end users to easily manage hardware and operating systems from an HTML5 user interface. QL player 2.0 supports several SoC displays from Panasonic (AF-1 series), Philips (D Series and P Series) and Elotouch, with support for Samsung Tizen beginning this spring. Navori would be the first supplier to offer native digital signage player for Tizen.

All supported SoC displays will benefit from standard QL player 2.0 features including broadcast-quality content playback, template and ticker support from multiple layers and transparency, player monitoring and proof-of-playback reporting and automated software updates.

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