Leyard launches online Video Wall calculator to configure custom LED walls

Leyard’s LED Video Wall Calculator simplifies the process of choosing an LED wall by helping customers visualize and plan their LED video wall installations.


Leyard’s calculator offers an attractive user interface with advanced room customization features. It lets you:

  1. Choose the type of room including the wall dimensions
  2. Choose the background colours of your wall
  3. Pixel pitch of the video wall
  4. Distance from which it would be viewed
  5. Type or room
  6. Model of the video wall
  7. Content types – images, videos etc.
  8. Compare different models through graphical rendering of the video walls
  9. Determine the architectural impact of the video wall
  10. Export the results as a PDF for your decision making

You don’t have to be worried about variables while choosing a video wall for your needs. Leyard’s online calculator makes it simple and efficient.

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