Industry-first Digital StoryWall for theatres at Sherman Oaks 16 in Los Angeles

A storywall measuring 750 square feet was installed in the lobby of Sherman oaks 16 in Los Angeles. This was done using Outfront Media’s On Smart Media platform, which displays vivid images from the latest movies and advertisers.


This StoryWall is the largest digital lobby display in the cinema industry. At nearly 50-feet wide and 15-feet tall, this display is made up of 96 individual Liveboards that can sync cloud-based content together automatically without complicated curation.

Each Liveboard in the StoryWall boasts a 188 mega-pixel resolution at a pixel pitch of .55mm and operates on 384 ARM cpu cores and 288 impendent graphics processing units to deliver a unique visual experience. The ON Liveboards feature wireless connectivity to cloud services that allow for content management and synchronization across displays, all in an ultra-slim enclosure that is only 12.7mm thick.


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