Indiana University pioneers immersive, interactive video wall based learning


Indiana University’s Media School encourages group brainstorming. The classroom space features a glass whiteboard where students collaborate. They take pictures of their work with their mobile devices and share them wirelessly on an interactive video wall. This video wall allows students and instructors to manipulate and interact with the displayed content.


Indiana University’s media school lobby has a 2.5 mm pixel pitch/direct-view 23.6 x 12.6 ft video wall. This isn’t a common video wall and its features include:

  1. Six different channels can be displayed at once on the video wall. Using the Tunity app, students listen to the sound from any of the six channels on their smartphones. The screen can also be configured to display different images concurrently
  2. Can be used to display presentations and display works in an open forum. People can interact with the wall through a lot of inputs – laptops, cable boxes, gaming carts
  3. Students can showcase their creative game works by utilizing the gaming input and playing their game on the screen

This space has already become the hub of activity in the Media School.

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