Immersive interactions showcased by Elo at “Technology Exposed 2016”

Digital signage technology is changing the face of retail. Elo’s new I series range are leading the change.  Here at “technology exposed 2016” Elo has showcased their latest offering the Elo I series small format signage.

Elo’s I series is flexible with operating systems (android, windows 7 and windows 10) and provides customers with an integrated platform for immersive interactive applications. The new I series is available in 15.6- and 21.5-inch widescreen formats. A 10 touch interactive experience powered by Elo’s industry-leading TouchPro® projected capacitive (PCAP) technology is available in I series for windows. This latest Elo series is powered by Intel’s® 6th generation Skylake i5 processers.

With more people choosing touch screen as their main interaction device. digital signage  with interactive solutions will enable companies to win more customers and companies Like Elo are leading the way.

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