How to turn a $500 PC into a high-end video wall processor?

Wherever you go today, be it a mall, shopping complex or the airport, you will certainly encounter video walls. The smaller ones 2×2 or 3×3 don’t cut it either and you look at really large displays like 6×6 or a 10×10. Here is where video wall processors come into play.

A video wall processor is an external device that takes several inputs and create a single image, which can then be output to a grid of synchronized displays. The video walls add value, way beyond what the displays themselves can do.

Userful video wall processors can help you play HD, 4K or an 8K quality video across a 100 screen video wall using an high-end PC.  This video above lets you know the different types of video walls, how they work and how userful can help you turn your PC into a powerful video wall processor.

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