How smart is your OOH – Geopath helps you with OOH analytics to make informed decisions

Geopath in collaboration with Streetlytics has rolled out a new OOH analytics measurement methodology called MORE.

MORE makes OOH advertising as one of the most well measured and reactive channels for marketers. MORE measures the location of the audiences using data from mobile phones, GPS devices and connected cars – this is not tied to the location of the inventory and there is no need for geofences, sensors or beacons. It is always on, aggregating anonymous audience movement data on the sidewalks, roadways, inside venues and in transit.

While the data is anonymous, MORE still provides information beyond the demographics including information on what they buy, the services they use, their likes, dislikes, and even their usage of other media channels. It also has predictive capability to identify how many individuals are likely to be exposed to signage in the future.

It uses many data sources like postal delivery volumes, building permits, tax records with detailed demographics and market segmentation, to corroborate and predict how the patterns and the populations change over time.

MORE is an excellent solution for identifying prime locations for new signage.

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