Hotel mirrors to start talking back – IBM and Panasonic combine to create new digital concierge solution

You don’t have to be worried about being considered weird when you talk to your mirror in the hotel room. And… you will definitely get a reply from the mirror.

Panasonic and IBM have unveiled a new digital concierge solution for the hospitality industry. This will see Watson, IBM’s AI solution incorporated in a digital mirror. You can use the mirror to obtain a host of hotel and local area information like requesting room service, ordering transportation and checking weather information.


Panasonic identified the need for these kind of solutions and are leveraging IBM’s Watson AI to provide end users with more cognitive functionality. In addition to the mirror, Panasonic and IBM will also partner on LinkRay – a new solution that allows users to receive content from digital signage by simply pointing their mobile phones at it. This will improve the location based services offering.

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