Google-funded Intersection helps NYC replace phone booths with 7500 connected kiosks

NewYork and London are replacing outdated phone booths with Wi-Fi kiosks with embedded computing tablets, usb charging ports, keypads for making phone calls and large screens that display relevant information like subway timings, community events, pollution levels, and solicit your opinions on government initiatives.

LinkNYC currently has 900 kiosks activated and plans to increase the numbers to 7500. InLinkUk has just started erecting and are planning to have 1000 kiosks across the city. The technology for these kiosks are provided by Qualcomm and BT and they have estimated that the city of New York will earn more than half a billion dollars in revenue over 12 years through this partnership.

Intersection, the company that manages this rollout is considering upgrading them to support everything from augmented reality to autonomous vehicles. Initial focus of Intersection was to offer robust services to people and now they’re figuring out how to leverage different data sets to make it dynamic and responsive as it can be.

Intersection’s contract with LinkNYC and InLinkUk both run for at least 10 years, and this provides them with the opportunity to come up with innovative ways to make the kiosks more useful. The idea is to outfit each of the links with multiple sensors to make sense of the data and deliver them to the people. However, these are pending approval from the government.

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