Glass Media makes people stop and look at your digital signage

Glass Media was born as a result of two gaps that its founder Daniel Black identified – first is the fragmented nature of the industry itself and secondly the inadequateness of the display technology to offer brightness in ambient lighting. This resulted in Glass-Media that came up with the technology to turn any storefront, street facing glass or indoor surface into vivid and interactive display capable of running the lastest digital ad campaign in real-time.


Display technology used is proprietary with own line of rear and front projection substrates and coatings to meet the high-performance needs. This provides ultra high viewing angle for broad and clear visibility, durable coatings for long life, and advanced optical properties capable of producing bright and vivid images, even in daylight.

Glass-media hardware takes care of the projection that project the crispest and most vivid images, to efficient laser light sources that ensure long-term and consistent performance.

At each deployment location, glass-media provides a secure, private and autonomous 4G LTE network that acts as the only gateway to or from our systems.

The secure cloud platform provides multi-level encryption of all data and seamless API integrations with the means to grow and adapt to the customer’s needs.

Glass-media CMS allows intuitive content management of the messaging on your displays with facilities to provide specific roles and permissions.

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