From digital wall paper to interactive tour stops – Adrian College increased its student recruitment with digital signs

Adrian college implemented digital signs in their campus that boasted photo galleries, spotlights of faculty, atheletes and alumni, information about upcoming events and more. Those interacting with the signs can also read the inhouse college magazine, Contact. These signs demonstrated themselves as a cutting edge means to view campus and engage new, prospective families.


The sign became a mechanism for prospective families to experience our campus and the office of admissions staff was able to use this digital sign to help families make their way around campus, learn about exciting opportunities, and showcase an innovative method of information sharing. Families were intrigued by their ability to interact with the technology and learn more about the college.

Signs were displayed at three places within the college and it received a lot of positive reviews both from the visitors and the students. Since the installation of the interactive digital signage, new student enrollment has increased 18 percent over the same period of time. A more convincing metric is the conversion rate on campus visits is about 36 percent and the retention rate has climbed to nearly 90 percent.

Dr. Frank Hribar will be presenting this at EduComm Expo 2016 on Wednesday, November 16,  from 3.00-3.50pm at Chicago’s Navy Pier

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