Epic digital art canvas using LED screens

ESI Design, an experience design company has helped corporations create big, transformative ideas that allow engagement with their audiences.

300 South Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago

Implemented a map theme that would highlight the building’s connection to the city and the river. It is an eye-catching 40-story 445-foot LED Mural on the outside of the building. The centrepiece of the design is the larger-than-life map on the river-facing side of the building showing its location within the city, which has made the building a must-see landmark on city tours.

south wacker during the day


Wells Fargo building in the US city of Denver

Five 86-feet tall, high-res LED displays were installed to exploit the scale of the space in the Wells Fargo building. They didn’t go with the rectangular screen, which would have felt like a typical signage, instead they opted for fiver separate columns of LED to the accentuate the impressive verticality of the atrium. Viewed together they create one canvas.


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