Dubai Mall partners with Senion’s StepInside to enhance its guest experience

The Dubai Mall is the world’s most visited shopping and entertainment destination that welcomes about 80 million visitors annually. The 12.1 million square foot complex houses about 1200 retailers in addition to 200 odd food and beverage outlets. It also entertainment amenities like aquarium, indoor theme park, cinemas and an ice rink and the mall is looking at adding an additional 1 million square foot space, to house about 150 retailers and entertainment attractions.

Dubai Mall has installed Senion’s Indoor Positioning System for its facility. This would allow location services on mobile devices, as well as real-time integration with mall’s smartphone app that connects visitors with special retail offers and information about events.

This not only helps the visitors but also the retailers to better understand and connect with their customers. This positions Dubai Mall as the world class destination in addition to redefining the retail sector.

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