Delivering real time information to dispatchers is changing how 911 calls are handled.

A 911 call landing in Montgomery, Alabama call centre is handled in a futuristic way due to the information provided to the call handlers in the centre. This centre has recently installed a 20 by 6 foot video wall that displays real time information of the city.

The video will display live camera feeds, call mapping and a real-time gunshot detection system (Shotspotter) to show dispatchers the locations of the shootings in the map. The video wall by cinemassive is helping dispatchers by providing them with larger picture of the call and the magnanimity of the incident. usually dispatchers were confined to the information from their screens and were unable to piece information from their colleagues. With the installation of video wall dispatchers are able to see the crime map holistically.

The city plans to implement video wall across  two new divisions Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the Director’s Crisis Center (DCC) as this would increase their emergency response efforts and coordination.

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