Crown Heights helps Bouygues Telecom with dynamic digital displays in its 550 stores

Crown Heights has helped Bouyges Telecom deploy 1100 CrownTV players and 500 CrownTab tablets across its 550 retail stores. Crown Heights understand the requirements of Bouygues clearly and came up with a tailore-made solution for their digital display needs.

Crown Heights implemented the solution with the following features – special interface allowing control of all its displays from a single platform that had heterogeneous installations like tablets, horizontal and vertical screens, video walls etc. This interface allows the customer to manage content, screen brightness, on/off time for players, and monitor the functioning of the installations in real-time and address any issues.

Crown Heights collaborated deeply with Bouygues towards implementing this solution. Through optimal distribution of resources and added flexibility to implement at different location during different times, Crown Heights was able to complete the entire installation in 3 and a half months across its 550 stores. This entire implementation was carried out at a national level as Bouygues is one of the largest telecom players in France.

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