Coca-cola transforms grocery end-caps with digital signage campaigns

Coca-cola recently launched a new digital signage campaign attached to endcaps located in the center of the supermarkets. This delivers branded videos and eCoupons to customers.

This is Google cloud based signage system and it can tailor the content to the approaching shoppers based on the data on their smartphones. The messaging can range from brand campaigns to store-specific offers to even app-guided shopping lists.

This allows coca-cola to understand the customer and get the right content and messaging to him or her at the right time. This was done as a pilot across 250 stores and the ROI was found to be encouraging. There was a significant category lift, non only did the end-caps help sell more coca-cola products, everything else on the carbonated soft drink aisle too got sold.

The endcap display – highlighted by a huge iconic Coke bottle – serves as a beacon to stop shoppers in their tracks and provide value by presenting consumers with the right product in the right package for the right meal occasions.

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