Coca – Cola adopts Google technology to boost sales with their digital signages

Towards ensuring better connection between Coke and its customers, the beverage giant Coca-Cola is using several Google tecnologies to power its digital signage system. Google allows the infrastructure to be less expensive compared to other solutions.

Inexpensive solution from Google makes a lot of sense for a company like Coca-cola that sells beverages from soda to flavored energy water at 1000s of locations all over the world. Coca-colas goal is to put interactive endcaps in all of these locations.

The cost of putting together a traditional signage can be prohibitively expensive for Coca-Cola, considering the number of outlets they have. Coca-cola cobbled together several google technologies: the chrome operating system, chromebits to add processing power and connectivity to off-the-shelf display hardware, doubclick ad-serving software, and other Google cloud platform services to get the most of the information collected.

This system has been rolled out in hundreds of store, with more to come. The computerized signs flash offers to passing shoppers with Android or iOS devices using Google’s Eddystone wireless beacon technology. Eddystone communicates wirelessly with people’s devices to send offers or coupons tailored to them. You’ll get these offers with no log-on and the shoppers can keep moving. These offers can lift the whole category of soft drinks and not just Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola expects to earn its money back on each device within one year.

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