Barco launches super-narrow bezel LCD video wall display

Barco’s super-narrow bezel LCD video wall, the overview HVD5521 features a screen diagonal of 55 inches and a brightness of 700 cd/sq. meters with a bezel width of only 1.8mm. This enhances the visual consistency of the video walls, making it better suited for content with multiple displays like the control rooms.


Barco addresses the most common problem of color and brightness of LCD video walls through usage of integrated color sensors.  This helps it balance the video wall at all times, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming manual calibration.

Barco has also brought in an optional redundant external power supply that automatically switches to a new unit of one should fail. As the power is remotely located, its maintenance can be performed without disturbing operations.

The HVD features enhanced reliability, lower TCO and minimized maintenance needs.


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