Aspire Systems to unveil Phygital solution that drives connected retail experiences

Aspire Systems will be showcasing its fully integrated phygital solution, PRIOS at’s Retail Digital Summit in Dallas, Texas from September 26-28 at Booth #3095.

Blending of Digital and in-store experience is what they call as Phygital, through which they will provide omnichannel retail experience in a seamless manner as opposed to task driven experiences. The whole ideas is to increase the basket size of the purchases and improve in-store efficiencies.

PRIOS brings together digital, IoT and big data together to integrate with in-store solution, pricing engine, CRM and other existing solutions to enhance customer experience and complete the customer journey.

Focus will be on four key areas:

  1. In-store mobile experience
  2. Personalization
  3. Empowered store associates
  4. Enhanced self-service

PRIOS is expected to be scalable with quick deploymnent featurs to offer next generation customer experience.

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