4K Video Walls – Dexon and Extron launches 4K controllers and processors


Dexon systems has launched DXN5000 video wall controllers with 4k input signal handling and Windows 10 platform support.  A maximum of 64 multi-format input signals (up to 4K resolution) are processed and visualized in real-time over the videowall surface.

These controllers are suitable for control room project with verified 24/7 operations.


Extron electronics has released Quantum Ultra, a 4k video wall processor with scaling and windowing capabilities. It has 4K 4:4:4 scaling engine and 400 Gbps hyperlane video bus and can carry multiple high-resolution sources to provide real-time performance. The hyperlane bus can simultaneously carry over twenty 4k/60 sources and has the potential to support 8K.

It can support several videowalls of varying resolutions and screen orientations. It can accommodate video walls of any size. Sources can be windowed and positioned anywhere on the video display.

Addition of custom colour borders, rounded corners, drop shadows, flashing and tranparency are possible. Static image files can be stored locally and displayed with full keying and alpha channel support on the videowall.

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