$432000 video wall opens up creative possibilities for Arizona Opera

In operas, it has become a staple to use video imagery. It is usually done using projectors illuminating the backdrop, like a movie screen, but lit from behind. However, rear projection requires multiple projectors to be fine-tuned to get a seamless image. In addition, it requires 20 feet of ‘throw’ space, reducing the depth of the space available for performers and scenery.

All of this has changed for Arizona Opera with the installation of an LED video wall that helps them take the digital imagery in their production to the next level. This $432000 video wall consists of 248 vertical panels that snap together into a giant TV screen, measuring just shy of 27 by 52 feet. This can be arranged in any configuration, including multiple, smaller display shapes.

video wall front image.jpg

This takes out the need for throw space and the entire stage is available for the performers. This bring luminance to the environment without the hassles of fine tuning multiple projectors.

Arizona Opera has used this for their ‘Riders of the Purple Sage’ on Feb 25 at Tucson Music Hall and they are doing it in Symphony Hall in Phoenix between March 3 – 5.

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